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Dolby Atmos at home...


Introducing the All New Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos is a new surrdound sound technology. In addition to playing back a standard 5.1 or 7.1 mix using loudspeakers grouped into arrays, the Atmos system can give each loudspeaker its own unique feed based on its exact location, thereby enabling many new front, surround, and even ceiling-mounted height channels for the precise panning of select sounds such as a helicopter or rain.


How Dolby Atmos works...

Dolby Atmos takes a unique and innovative layered approach to sound design.

A Dolby Atmos soundtrack starts with a base layer that consists largely of static ambient sounds, mixed using the familiar channel-based method. Layered on top of these are dynamic audio elements that can be positioned and moved precisely to correspond to the images onscreen.

Metadata records how these elements should behave during playback—behavior that best matches the director's intent, regardless of theatre configuration.This dual-layer approach gives film creators greater power and freedom while ensuring you have a consistent experience in any theatre.

Dolby Atmos Benefits

Dramatic Movie Going Experience
Dolby Atmos® goes far beyond surround sound to create a new level of realism for moviegoers. In a movie with Dolby Atmos, cinema sound moves around the theatre to match what you see on the screen. 

Always Reflects the Creator's Intent
Dolby Atmos give filmmakers full creative control over the placement and movement of sound around the audience. No matter the size of the theatre, you'll always see and hear the full realization of their creative visions 

Overhead Speakers for Added Realism 
Cinemas equipped for Dolby Atmos have overhead speakers that heighten the realism. Rain on a roof, airplanes taking off—you'll hear the sounds exactly where they would be in real life. 

Independantly Controlled Speakers
Theatres equipped for Dolby Atmos employ up to 64 independently controlled speakers. You'll hear extraordinary power and impact when the director calls for it. You'll also hear the most subtle details with amazing clarity. 


Technical Details

  • Object-oriented mixing layers the independent sound elements over channel-based audio content for clearer and more accurately positioned sound.
  • Descriptive metadata captures all the director's intent and provides customized playback for each cinema.
  • The mix automatically generates optimum soundtracks for theatres with 5.1- and 7.1-channel setups.
  • Support for up to 128 simultaneous and lossless audio elements in a mix delivers a rich, realistic sound experience.
  • Dolby Atmos scales easily to any size cinema, with up to 64 independent speaker outputs.



Simply Add...

Onkyo SKH-410 Dolby Atmos Enabled SpeakersOnkyo SKH-410 Speakers

Onkyo SKH-410 speakers to your home theatre system and create atmos sound at home. This simple addition can help turn your ordinary home theatre system into a Dolby Atmos system. *As long as your AV reicever has the capabiltity to provide Dolby Atmos sound.



"Dolby Atmos provides the completely immersive sound experience that filmmakers like myself have long dreamed about."
Peter Jackson, Cowriter, Director, and Producer, 
The Hobbit trilogy 

"We needed a workflow that matched what we use already. It was the only way Dolby Atmos could work for The Hobbit in the time frame we had. Dolby had really great ideas for integration and developed the tools we needed for a bulletproof process."
—Gilbert Lake, Park Road Post Production, Dolby Atmos Rerecording Mixer, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 

"For Oblivion, I chose Dolby Atmos for both its immersive quality and clarity of sound. Sound effects can be placed very accurately in almost any direction, pulling you deeper into the story."
—Joseph Kosinski, Director, Oblivion 

"Dolby Atmos offers a whole new range of creative possibilities for our team of artists creating the mix for Iron Man 3."
—David F. Alfonso, Owner, Todd-AO 

"It's very intuitive, very easy to use, very user friendly from a UI perspective, and it does what it does very well."
—Erin Michael Rettig, Twentieth Century Fox, Mix Tech, Life of Pi



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